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What is a Dipped Car?
How many coats should I apply?
How long does Plasti Dip Last?
Do I have to dip my whole car?
How much Plasti Dip do I need?
What are Enhancers?
Can a Dipped Car be washed?
Plasti Dip and California!?!?
Delaware and Maryland Installers Only

What is a "Dipped Car"?

 A Dipped Car is any vehicle that has been sprayed with Plasti Dip Spray.  Plasti Dip is an awesome product that allows you to spray your car into almost any color and then simply peel it off when you're done.  It also works great as a protective coat for wheels, badges, emblems and exterior/interior trim. 

How many coats should I apply?
No matter what you are coating with Plasti Dip, you will want to apply a minimum of 4 coats of Plasti Dip. Plasti Dip can be applied in as many layers as you want. We recommend 5-6 coats of Plasti Dip for optimum look and functionality to protect and peel when you want to Plasti Dip you car a new color!

How long does Plasti Dip last?

Plasti Dip will last longer than you expect! Currently, we have customers reporting Plasti Dip holding up for over a year! With the ability to touch up Plasti Dip the limits of its durability can last even longer. The environment in which Plasti Dip is exposed to will also determine how long it will last. Extreme hot or cold conditions will reduce the life of Plasti Dip.

Do I have to Dip my whole car?
Plasti Dip offers many solutions for car enthusiasts! Of course you can Plasti Dip your whole car, but you can also Plasti Dip your wheels, window trim, interior trim, emblems, grille, and more! Come up with new ways to customize your car with Plasti Dip! If your proud of your Dip then post it on our forum

How much Plasti Dip do I need?
 How much Plasti Dip you need to Plasti Dip your car depends on the size and color of your car and what color you want it to be. Use our Recommended Doses guide to determine the correct amount of Plasti Dip you need. Or contact us directly for a customized suggestion for your particular vehicle.

What are Plasti Dip Enhancers?
Plasti Dip enhancers are products used to enhance the look of any dipped surface.  Check out our selection of Plasti Dip Enhancers.

Can a Dipped Car be washed?
Yes.  Hand washing with regular auto soap and a special dip washcloth is okay.  Do not use an automatic car wash or pressure washers.

Plasti Dip and California!?!?
The rumors are true...  Unfortunately
the sales and usage of gallon or larger sized products is not complaint with Federal Regulations in the state of California.  Therefore gallon sized Rubber Dip and Rubber Dip Spray products cannot be sold into California. Rubber Dip and Rubber Dip Spray can both be purchased in California in sizes of less than 1 gallon (spray cans are ok!).   Please be aware of this regulation.

Delaware and Maryland Customers
Sales and usage of “Rubber Dip Spray” in either Delaware or Maryland is permitted ONLY if the individual applying the product is not receiving commission for such installation; or if the facility used by the compensated individual(s) utilizes approved emission control systems and practices that comply with MVMEER guidelines. Please be aware of this regulation.

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