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Bld-kit   Build-a-Custom Vehicle DIPKIT
bld-whl   Build-a-Custom Wheel Dipkit
CaL   Camo Black
CaB   Camo Brown
CaG   Camo Green
CaT   Camo Tan
Gal2   Clear Gloss - 1 Gallon
CMe   Copper Metalizer
DAG   Dip Tech - DIP ARMOR - 1 Gallon - Gloss
DAWG   Dip Tech - DIP ARMOR - 1 Gallon - Gloss - Wholesale
DAM   Dip Tech - DIP ARMOR - 1 Gallon - Matte
DAWM   Dip Tech - DIP ARMOR - 1 Gallon - Matte - Wholesale
GMe   Gold Metalizer
N54DP   Mech Tuning Downpipes N54
FMIC   Mech Tuning FMIC
N54CP   Mech Tuning N54 Charge Pipe
MetGal   Metalizer Gallon
23dds   Pearlizer Gallon
PD5G   Plasti Dip 5 Gallon
BlzBlu   Plasti Dip Blaze Blue
BlzGre   Plasti Dip Blaze Green
BlzOra   Plasti Dip Blaze Orange
BlzPin   Plasti Dip Blaze Pink
BlzPur   Plasti Dip Blaze Purple
BlzYel   Plasti Dip Blaze Yellow
CDK   Plasti Dip Car DIP KIT
CDK-G   Plasti Dip Car DIPKIT gloss
Pea   Plasti Dip Pearlizer
Prim   Plasti Dip Primer
Spr1   Plasti Dip Spray All Colors
BLA1   Plasti Dip Spray Blaze
Cam1   Plasti Dip Spray Camo
Glo1   Plasti Dip Spray Glossifier
Met1   Plasti Dip Spray Metallizer
Smo1   Plasti Dip Spray Smoke
cob   Plasti Dip Spray-Black
coc   Plasti Dip Spray-Clear
cog   Plasti Dip Spray-Gunmetal Grey
redcan   Plasti Dip Spray-Red
cow   Plasti Dip Spray-White
Win1   Plasti Dip Total Wheel DIPKIT
Win2   Plasti Dip Total Wheel DIPKIT- Gloss
DKTS   Plasti Dip Truck and SUV DIP KIT
Ren   Rent-A-Spray Gun
Gal1   Rubber Dip Spray - 1 Gallon
spb   Rubber Dip Spray - Black
spmb   Rubber Dip Spray - Blue
spcm   Rubber Dip Spray - Clear (Matte)
spg   Rubber Dip Spray - GunMetal Grey
spy   Rubber Dip Spray - Matte Yellow
spr   Rubber Dip Spray - RED
spw   Rubber Dip Spray - White
ship1   Shipping
SMe   Silver Metalizer
VLP   VLP Vinyl Repair

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